Waso (Kimono Dressing)


School premises for learning spirit.

HISUI TOKYO Waso- Kimono Dressing

You might see the world a little differently if you try going out wearing a kimono.
Embrace the unique Japanese art of kimono dressing and experience a new perspective.

At HiSUi Tokyo, you can not only try wearing a kimono, but also while wearing a kimono, take part in many traditional activities such as the tea ceremony and batto.

Wearing a kimono is not as complicated or difficult as it sounds. To those who always wanted to try but felt a little apprehensive, HiSUi Tokyo is here to help ease those apprehensions and help let you get the full enjoyment and experience of wearing a kimono.

We offer a starter course to introduce how to wear the kimono for daily use over the span of 10 sessions which is a great way for those who are beginner level.

For those who can wear a kimono already but wishing to learn more, we offer an intermediate course to learn a variety of ways to enjoy Kimono.
Our Waso instructors will guide you through the order and process of wearing a Kimono.



  • My teacher looked so stunningly beautiful in her Kimono, it made me think that if I studied here, I could also wear a beautiful Kimono and be like my teacher. (Female, 30s)

HiSUi TOKYO introductory Waso (Kimono Dressing) course