Batto (Swordsmanship)


School premises for learning spirit.

HISUI TOKYO Batto (Sword)

HiSUi Tokyo offers an authentic batto course using real swords, which offers comprehensive instruction in the art of swordsmanship.

We welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of gender or experience, from people who are looking for a new hobby or want to explore their spirituality, to those who just want to relieve some stress. We offer complete and professional instruction that is still friendly and welcoming to beginners.

The discipline of the drawn-sword technique in Swordsmanship, or ‘batto’, was vital in times of war to protect oneself and one’s community, and in turn, to protect and serve the reigning lord of the land.

Obviously in recent times this skill is no longer a necessity, but here at HiSUi Tokyo we believe that with safe and correct instruction, learning this ancient art can be an opportunity to widen one’s horizons and spirituality.

HiSUi TOKYO Batto (Swordsmanship) Course

  • 3rd class: Able to cut at a 45 degree angle from the left and right.
  • 2nd class: Able to cut at a 45 degree angle from the left and the right with upward swings.
  • 1st class: Able to cut horizontally from the left and right.
  • Complementary 1st grade (Shodan Ho): Able to utilize the 5-form cut.
  • 1st grade (Shodan)/ ‘Jun Kenshi’ (initiate swordsman): Able to utilize the 6-form cut.
  • 2nd grade (Ni Dan)/ ‘Sho Kenshi’ (associate swordsman): Meet 3 regulatory conditions.
  • 3rd grade (San Dan)/ ‘Chu Kenshi’ (savant swordsman): Meet 2 regulatory conditions.
  • 4th grade (Yon Dan)/ ‘Sei Kenshi’ (provost swordsman / assistant instructor): Meet 3 regulatory conditions.



  • I wanted to find a way to exercise without going to a fitness gym, as gyms are inconvenient for me. That’s when I discovered Batto. I thought the people who were doing it looked cool. (Female, 20s)
  • I read something about HiSui on the internet and Batto piqued my interest. I thoroughly enjoyed the trial lesson. (Female, 20s)
  • I was always interested in historical things, so I decided to have a trial Batto lesson. It was a great way to relieve some stress and get some exercise. (Female, 40s)
  • The group lessons look a lot more fun than the private lessons. I think this will be a good way for me to relieve some stress. (Female 40s)