Dojo (Training Room)


Dojo - Training Room

Experience the atmosphere of the bygone era of the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

For many people, the word “Dojo” conjures images of the Edo-era’s training halls filled with people learning the way of martial arts. While many of these training halls were meant for training, they were also prominently featured for meditation as well. The main purpose of these halls were to build a suitable place to immerse the students in an environment where they could focus on their art.

Whether it is wearing a kimono, writing Japanese calligraphy or practicing the art of cutting with a Japanese sword, you can enjoy learning any of these cultural art forms in the same glorious atmosphere that Nobunaga Oda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi experienced in the past.

HiSUi TOKYO’s tea room incorporates the same Azuchi-Momoyama period’s atmosphere as our training room. Throughout the year, we carefully adjust the decorations and procedures of the tea ceremony to match the ever-changing seasons. We do this based on the idea that humankind is one with nature and should follow the flow of nature in order to reach a heightened level of spirituality.

Here at HiSUi TOKYO, we believe in providing the highest quality experience of Japanese culture. If you are visiting Japan and interested in learning more about Japanese tea ceremony or other Japanese art forms, please try our Culture Experience Plan. If you are living in Japan and would like to become a student, please take a look at our monthly membership plan. We are looking forward to meeting you and making your experience in Japan a memorable one!