School premises for learning spirit.

HiSUi TOKYO コンセプト

HiSUi TOKYO is a place where we try to inspire and encourage one’s spiritual growth.

We founded HiSUi TOKYO on the belief that in order to experience a rich and full life, it is important to not only learn the various physical disciplines of Calligraphy, Swordsmanship, Kimono Dressing and Tea Ceremony; but through those skills, we should also try to enhance our minds.

We believe that through simultaneously learning a variety of different disciplines, we can achieve greater perspectives on life. For example, some people who originally started with only studying Kimono Dressing, also started studying the Tea Ceremony and Swordsmanship.  Although it is very important to pursue one thing extensively, range is as important as depth and through this, we can increase our concentration and gain a wider circle of acquaintances met through the different art forms. All of this we believe is a key to progressive learning.

We offer many traditional arts such as Shodo (calligraphy) and Sado (tea Ceremony). The Kanji for ‘do’ in these two, as well as other art forms, directly translates to ‘path’ or ‘way of~’. As suggested by the names, we believe that these disciplines cannot be mastered quickly, but rather, gradually honed and developed day by day, step by step.

The heart of Japanese culture and Japan itself, known as “Wa”, is a difficult concept to define. Some believe it connotes harmony, peace, serenity, repose or concord. We believe that all of these connotations and more can be applied to “Wa”. In Japanese culture, “Wa” is believed to reside in the epicenter of etiquette, enjoying the changing seasons and by extension, showing gratitude towards nature and the food it provides.

To be conscious of all these ideals and to try to implement them in our lives, is what we believe to be pure at heart and the core idea of Japanese culture.

Here at HiSUi TOKYO, while we professionally deal with and aid people who are serious about their chosen discipline(s), we welcome anyone and everyone who comes to our school. Whether you are a resident looking to learn more about Japanese culture, or a visitor looking for things to do during your stay in Tokyo that are unique and memorable, we strive to provide a service resulting in happy smiles.

We hope that anyone who visits or frequents our establishment can find something to help them live rich and fulfilling lives.