HiSUi TOKYO is a Multi-Art school in traditional Japanese culture. We are a school for those who wish to acquire the traditional arts of Waso (Kimono dressing), Shodo (Japanese calligraphy), Sado (Tea ceremony), and Batto (Japanese swordsmanship) to enhance their mental well-being.

Culture Experience Plan for Visitors

HiSUi TOKYO is becoming increasingly popular as a place to experience authentic Japanese culture. You can try four kinds of programs such as: Tea ceremony, Japanese swordsmanship practice with a real Katana sword which is a very rare experience, Kimono dressing, and Japanese calligraphy. You will be amazed by the beautiful tea room and the training room as well. Come and enjoy a unique experience of Japanese culture!

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(Kimono Dressing)

A key feature of HiSUi TOKYO’s Waso lesson is the ability to wear a kimono while taking part in another one of our arts, such as our Sado (Tea ceremony) lesson. Please enjoy and embrace the unique Japanese art of kimono dressing.


HISUI-TOKYO Japanese Calligraphy

(Japanese Calligraphy)

Come and enjoy the art of Japanese calligraphy and learn how to write beautiful brush strokes. Through our calligraphy lesson, you can learn the proper writing posture, achieve a greater level of concentration and obtain a deeper sense of spirituality.


HISUI-TOKYO Sado (Tea Ceremony)

(Tea Ceremony)

Relax, observe the changing seasons and enjoy some traditional Japanese green tea. The characteristics of the tea ceremony are based on our daily activities. The elegant and graceful movements for rising, seating oneself, and greeting one another in the tea ceremony will become second nature.


HISUI-TOKYO Batto (Sword)

(Japanese Swordsmanship)

We offer professional guidance to everyone, regardless of gender or experience. From people who are looking to explore their spirituality or expand their skill set and to those who just want to relieve some daily stress or exercise. Swordsmanship Instructor certification courses are also available.


Trial Lesson Feedback

  • I decided to book a lesson after seeing one of the leaflets. It is a little hard to tell from the outside, but the place carries an air of tranquility. (Female, 30s)
  • My teacher looked so stunningly beautiful in her Kimono, it made me think that if I studied here, I could also wear a beautiful Kimono and be like my teacher. (Female, 30s)
  • I had previously been studying Shodo (Calligraphy) online, but I needed somewhere where I could ask about small details if I had any problems. After searching on the internet, I found Hisui Tokyo and decided to have a trial lesson. (Female, 40s)
  • I always wanted to learn Sado (Tea ceremony) in Ginza and found this place. The lessons seem authentic and are high quality, so I am looking forward to learning here more. (Male, 40s)
  • I have always loved historical things, so I came here to have a trial Batto (Sword) lesson. It was a great way to relieve some stress and also a good form of exercise. (Female, 40s)