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At HiSUi TOKYO we offer trial lessons to those who are interested in becoming a HiSUi Tokyo monthly member. If you are a visitor and interested in trying a variety of art forms during your stay in Japan, then we recommend our Culture Experience Plan.

During the trial lesson, prospective students will have the chance to observe one of our regular lessons with current students to see how the lesson is conducted and experience the atmosphere. Prospective students shall also receive separate specialized instructions during this time.

  • Trial Lesson Art Form Information

    HISUI-TOKYO Kimono

    (Kimono Dressing)

    We offer an entry-level course to teach how to wear a “Matchi-gi” / a casual daily wear Kimono which consists of the “Komon” Kimono and “Nagoya-Obi” waistband. We will guide you through the steps and process carfeully.


    HISUI-TOKYO Japanese Calligraphy

    (Japanese Calligraphy)

    You will be guided through the basics of how to hold the calligraphy brush correctly, as well as the proper writing posture. Then practice using a variety of different strokes and techniques to write various Japanese characters.


    HISUI-TOKYO Sado (Tea Ceremony)

    (Tea Ceremony)

    Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea in our tea room, while being introduced to the characteristics of the tea ceremony and the tea room. The setting of the tea ceremony and tea room are based on our daily life and the changing seasons which helps to understand the essence of Sado.


    HISUI-TOKYO Batto (Sword)

    (Japanese Swordsmanship)

    You will learn how to properly hold and swing using a mock sword. After practicing, you will be given the chance to cut using a real live sword. This can be very dangerous with improper use so please exercise with caution.


  • Trial Lesson Fee (tax not included)
  • Trial Lesson Price List
    Lesson Length: 75 Minutes
    Art Form Price
    Waso (Kimono Dressing) 5,000 JPY
    Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 5,000 JPY
    Sado (Tea Ceremony) 5,000 JPY
    Batto (Japanese Swordsmanship) 10,000 JPY

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