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  • ajima

    Suiko Ajima – Sado – (Tea Ceremony)

    Ever since my first lesson in the Sado club at high school, I have been truly amazed by the Chanoyu ritual’s deep allure and the comfort of the space in the tearoom. I always try to give lessons that provide students with comfort, and enjoyment. I look forward to meeting you in our Suian tearoom.

    Megumi Okazaki

    Suiryo Okazaki – Waso – (Kimono Dressing)

    I have always been attracted to the color and beauty of design that is unique to Japan. I hope that everyone can feel the essence of Japanese culture by coming to HiSUi Tokyo and it enlightens your day.

    Itsumi Karasawa

    Suisei Karasawa – Sado – (Tea Ceremony)

    I have been performing the tea ceremony since the age of 20 and am pursuing the beautiful Otemae ritual. I try to give a heartfelt and intricate lesson.

    Chie Saito

    Suiho Saito – Shodo – (Calligraphy)

    Shodo teacher
    With the comforting scent of sumi ink, I hope to create an atmosphere where even beginners do not have to feel nervous and can enjoy the art of Shodo.

    Siko Suezono

    Suiko Suezono – Shodo – (Calligraphy)

    I have always wanted to live like the famous Shodo artist “Sesshu”, and that’s why I followed the path of calligraphy. I will teach you so that you can quickly learn to write beautifully.

    Sokei Suzuki

    Suikyo Suzuki – Sado – (Tea Ceremony)

    I have been performing the tea ceremony since the 4th year of elementary school, and became a freelance teacher and in 1995 I established the Otoikai school of Sado. The world of “Wakeiseijaku” is the harmony (Wa), respect (Kei), purity (Sei), and tranquility (Jaku) and I hope to be able to enjoy it with you.

    Osamu Narakino

    Suiyo Narakino – Sado – (Tea Ceremony)

    My first tea ceremony was spontaneous and that led me to the path of Sado. After that I started to do pottery for my own enjoyment. I soon discovered the wonderful nature of the tea ceremony equipment. Now I enjoy the tea ceremony itself as well as admiring the equipment. This extremely enjoyable Sado is what I want to show to everyone so my motto is “Fun tea ceremony”.

    Noriko Harashima

    Suiren Harashima – Waso – (Kimono Dressing)

    Ever since I was a student, I’ve had the chance to be engrossed in “Wa” (Traditional Japanese culture) and helped my parents, which meant I had to wear Kimono everyday. I want to help you to feel the hidden power of Kimono close to heart.