Japanese Culture Experience Plan



Here at HiSUi Tokyo, we have an exclusive plan for overseas visitors to experience a variety of Japanese cultural arts. While on holiday in Japan, many visitors may have been given the chance to see different types of Japanese culture, but here at Hisui, we want to offer the chance to experience a truly authentic Japanese culture experience firsthand.

Please come and enjoy these unique Japanese artforms at HiSUi, whether it is trying on a traditional Kimono, enjoying the fine craft of a Japanese tea ceremony or trying your hand at using a real live sword akin to a samurai of the past.

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◆Up to 20 people per booking
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◆English lessons available
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Sado (Tea Ceremony)

After entering the tea room through the Nijiriguchi, guests will receive a lecture about the tea room decorations, watch a tea ceremony and learn about proper etiquette while enjoying Japanese sweets and matcha tea.

The Nijiriguchi is a small, square entrance to the tea room used to separate the realm of tea from the everyday outside world. By entering through this, you can free your mind and embrace this cultural Japanese experience.

If you have any questions like, “Why is the Nijiriguchi entrance so small?”, please feel free to ask our instructors. All our sado instructors are certified specialists and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Highlights of Sado

Batto (Japanese Swordsmanship)

Our qualified HiSUi swordsmanship instructors will demonstrate the art of “Shizan” or trial cutting. You will be able to learn the proper forms and techniques to hold, swing and sheath a real live katana sword.

This stunning samurai experience is a rarity even among people living in Japan. This is our most popular class which offers a truly authentic once in a lifetime experience.

  • Highlights of Batto

Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

You will receive an explanation about the different brushes and the proper way use the brushes while sitting. After warming up, you can practice different brush strokes and flicks used in the art form and learn how to write your own name in “kanji” or Japanese characters.

Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to write your own name on a small scroll and seal it with a “rakkan” stamp. This makes the perfect souvenir to treasure your memories of Japan and HiSUi.

  • Highlights of Shodo

Waso (Kimono Dressing)

HiSUi Waso instructors will help dress you in a traditional kimono. While for men, you will wear a “haori-hakama”. After you finish getting dressed, there will be a photo shoot. You are also welcomed to take part in other art forms while wearing your kimono or hakama.

By wearing a kimono or hakama while taking part in our batto or sado classes, you can truly get a feel and experience traditional Japanese culture.

  • Highlights of Waso

■Price List (excluding tax)

You can choose 1 or more of our art forms (Sado, Batto, Shodo, Waso) for your experience day
1 Art form JPY 10,000 per person
2 Art forms JPY 16,000 per person
3 Art forms JPY 18,000 per person
All 4 Art forms JPY 22,000 per person


■Time Schedule

    *This experience plan is not available on weekends.

  • Please set aside 30-45 minutes for each art form you wish to partake in.
  • 30 to 45 min for 1 art form
  • 1h to 1.5h for 2 art forms
  • 1.5h to 2h for 3 art forms
  • 2h to 2.5h for all 4 art forms
  • Credit Cards accepted.


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※Please contact us by phone (+81-33562-7575) to speak with a representative to make an immediate reservation.

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